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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Power Supply Syndrome

Have you noticed nearly everything we buy either includes or we can purchase a power supply for it? Cell phones, laptops, Ipad, Ipod, nooks, kindles, whatever. The idea is to keep the unit fully charged at all times.

We have an older laptop which worked while plugged in, but the battery would not charge. It wasn't used for travel so we never paid any attention to replacing the battery. Recently the laptop shut down and would not come back on. I took it to our IT guy and he used a different supply cord and it fired right up.

What is the point? There are times when we concentrate on our lack of energy or strength instead of focusing on the supply point of where our energy and strength actually originates. In the case of the laptop, it was an electrical cord. In the case of our life, it could be many sources which are not renewed daily.

And we wonder why we lack energy and focus! Where do you derive your strength from? Have you feed it lately?

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