Scripture of the Day

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When Confidence Becomes Arrogance

Being confident in our ability to lead is vitally important if we are to be successful, VALID leaders.

However, if we overextend our confidence into the area of arrogance we turn the tide backward.

A VALID leader understands all gifts, including the gift of confidence must not be taken lightly.

Confidence is defined as: powers, or reliability of a person or thing. When we are confident we are bold to speak what we believe as stated in Philippians 1:14 (MSG)

Where as Arrogance is defined as;
display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride. When we are arrogant we are prideful as stated in Proverbs 21:4 (MSG)

A confident leader shows how much he cares. An arrogant leader shows how much he knows.

A confident leader has praise for his people. An arrogant leader has praise for himself.

A confident leader is proud of his people. An arrogant leader is proud of himself.

A confident leader makes the right decision. An arrogant makes sure he is right.

A confident leader promotes others. An arrogant leader promotes himself.

A confident leader takes blame and passes the credit. An arrogant leader takes the credit and passes the blame.

Hopefully you get the point. Please add to the list, thanks and God Bless.