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Friday, November 26, 2010

How Do You Spell Success?

Success. What is it? Where is it? How can we achieve it?

The definition of success I like best; the favorable outcome of something attempted.

Based on the above definition, success can be anything we attempt to accomplish. The confusion is generated by the word, favorable. Do you have to actually accomplish a task to be successful or does success come from the attempt?

The technical antonym of success is failure. But do we really fail when we don't achieve a desired result? Or is the failure only revealed by act of quitting before we achieve our goal?

My belief is we can eliminate most of the confusion by setting proper goals. Once we have solid goals in place we develop and implement our daily action plan. Success will show its face as we attain each of the smaller goals. eventually leading up to the ultimate prize, whatever that is.

We may not actually reach the pinnacle of our dreams. However, by not quitting we'll be in a far better position than we started.

Isn't that success?

Sunday, November 21, 2010


It is time to talk about goals again. A previous post on goals is shown below:

Behind any meaningful change there has to be a motivation to change. That motivation is most effectively shown as a goal. Goals can be anything that leads you to sustained action. Goals are usually material in nature because tangible items are easier to see then intangible.

Setting goals can be difficult if you don't have a guideline to follow. Here is your guideline.

1. They must be measurable.

2. They must have a date.

3. They must be realistic.

4. They must be written.

5. They must be believable.

Jason Brader from FASST and I held a seminar discussing goals on Saturday afternoon. Our audience was student athletes and their coaches. The turn out was great and the kids left with a renewed vigor and confidence.

The "V" in Valid represents vision. Goals help you define and reach your vision. The next few weeks will be dedicated to Goals and Vision.

Another significant event which took place on Saturday was the start of my personal coaching venture. Personal Coaching is an extension of my mission, which is helping to restore others. More info can be found at

Proper goals can energize, but poor goals will demoralize.

How do you set goals?